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Goettl - handout.png As certain industries are crumbling, others are thriving. Air conditioning, plumbing, and other trade skills are essential in Arizona due to the brutal summers. "Air conditioning why not look here is not a luxury in Phoenix, Arizona," said Goettl Air Conditioning and Plumbing CEO Ken Goodrich. "It's a life support system so we have to be out there." Goodrich said the industry, however, is seeing more people leaving amid retirement, than joining. So, the company decided investing in veterans would be a win-win. "They were trained in a unique manner to do unique skills and more trade-like skills," explained Goodrich. "They were also trained in some things that most people don't get these days... discipline, accountability." The company has partnered with the Perfect Technician Academy to offer weeks of training at no cost to Valley veterans. "We started an initiative this year to hire 50 veterans," explained General Manager Darin Wetzler.

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